threading the needle

the sign said
catch me if you can
I inquired
as to who
or what, but the Universe
declined to answer

instead of
it withdrew–
tangled, cleft–
its secrets woven into
labyrinthine curves

it looked like
a portal—but it
was only
a loophole–
false passage, another de
lusion full of knots

For dVerse OLN, hosted by Grace, where I’ve finally gotten around to using Jane’s Random Words for the week.. I’ve also finally produced a poem with the word “loophole” which I told Sun I was going to do months ago…

39 thoughts on “threading the needle

  1. We need to be careful of mistaking the false passage, as a portal. But then again, it may lead us to unexpected doorways, in hindsight. Love the art too.


  2. I imagine there are both many portals and loopholes as we travel the maze.

    I have no sense of direction, so I’ll just have to trust the universe to guide me.
    labyrinthine curves is such a beautiful phrase. For some reason, it’s sparkling turquoise, blues, and purple in my mind.

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    1. Thanks Merril, your vision sounds very like a Monet. I have no sense of direction either, and I seem to be prone to finding dead ends. But I know there are portals somewhere inside the journey.

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  3. Yes!! I absolutely love how this all manifested (the hands put me in mind of some sort of interdimensional cave painting) and I’m so happy a notion of mine inspired you. May the god of loopholes lead you to a portal full of promise.

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  4. I imagined this like an animal hole in a bramble brake, brambles being your knotty stitches that perhaps hide the entrance to something wonderful, perhaps not.
    Reading my own poem again, your stitching works there just as well.

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