body mind time
light line shadow surface trace

reshaped by
fragmented motion
like shadows
like mirrors
reflecting and following
the moon caught shining

left exposed
particles disguised
by outlines
by time by futures eclipsed
by the dance of stars

A quadrille for dVerse, where De has provided us with the word star.

54 thoughts on “diagrams

    1. “Arrival.” I had that thought too. The movie is based on a short story, “Story of Your Life,” by Ted Chiang. Chiang did a ton of research on linguistics to write his story. I loved the movie, haven’t read the story yet, but it’s on my list.


  1. The growth, by image, by word, is so organic here. A thread that turns out to be continous, if you will. And one sort of says the other in its own language. Forms regardless, all this works appealingly so, because it says so itself.

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  2. I had a thought similar to Jane’s above. Kerfe is communicating with the aliens, and she — and they — can see into the future because they experience time in a completely different way! Beautiful artwork. Is very Zen. Lovely, elegant language.

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        1. Most of the time “the archives” consists of looking through photos from my blog posts. Although my current project is to take all the art in the storage room and photo and organize it. I really don’t know how I accumulated so much of it, especially since I did next to nothing when my children were young.

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            1. I like to do things myself. In fact my older daughter was bemoaning the fact she had to manage people now, and I remarked how unsuccessful I was at it. Which is why I was always a (low paid) designer.

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  3. Your diagrams quadrille reminded me of the film Starman with Jeff Bridges, Kerfe. My favourite lines:
    ‘fragmented motion
    like shadows
    like mirrors
    reflecting and following
    the moon caught shining’.

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