dreaming is free (part 3)

My message from the Oracle. It made me think of two collages (based on a painting by Ilya Repin) I did for one of Jane’s long-ago prompts, but when I went searching I could only find one of them.

can you bring stars
to awaken my ghosts
into the eye of morning?

I am longing for magic sails
to open me out from myself
like a window of liquid time

so I can remember how the ocean
became unbroken—a healing breath
reborn—surrounded by salty air

21 thoughts on “dreaming is free (part 3)

    1. Aw, thanks Muri. I’ve just been going through some collages from the 80s and photographing them. My work was much simpler back then. I’m not sure I could even work that way now.


        1. I looked for mine and yours and Manja’s and then just flipped through the rest. I like that they are in their original languages and not all translated to English. Of course I can only guess at the words and meanings of the ones in other languages, but that has its own mysterious beauty.


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