Mezza Luna

I pause on the edge of dark, on the edge of light, my direction halted by uncertainty.  Between is a narrow ledge, a threshold balanced on an abyss.  Am I coming or going?  The end is also the beginning and all my questions are merely maps without roads.

I have become abstracted by an imagined journey in which seeking transforms into finding.  In which the visions that ripple my consciousness turn out to be real.  But what if matter is as transient as thought?

half-awake, spirit
splits, expands—crescent-mirrored
into cosmic tides

Frank at dVerse asks us to write a haibun referring to the Mezza Luna, the half or crescent moon. When I was looking for art for the post, I came across the collage at the top, which I used for another of Frank’s moon prompts a year ago.

I am always photographing the moon, so I had plenty of photos to choose from as well. The mirror effect in the first photo is caused by the window through which I shot the photo.

20 thoughts on “Mezza Luna

  1. I always love your collages, Kerfe, they illustrate your writing perfectly, especially the opening sentence, which drew me in with its uncertainty. I also like the idea of questions being ‘merely maps without roads’. The haiku is stunning.

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  2. lovely play of images and words – the push/pull – the ebb and flow, so to speak – and the “double” crescent moon is so exciting – it’s such a perfect image for this Haibun – everything in its own duality exposed and undressed, yet – rather not quite so, either.

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  3. This one is special for me as a mezza luna baby (76% waxing, which is where we’ll be tomorrow!) The full and new moons have their own power but I always find my creativity tied with the waxing half on the month. I love the questions the moon makes us ask ourselves, especially the ones beginning “What if…”

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