Armies To Be Disbanded, All Weapons Destroyed

Yesterday the earth’s nations signed an agreement to end armed conflict between any and all of its peoples.  There was dancing in the streets as all over the world people joined hands in unity and sang about love trains and peace trains and harmony echoing through the land and into every human heart.

Handmade signs spoke in multiple languages waving above the crowds:  “People Have The Power!”, “I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore”, “War Is Not The Answer”, “We Are All Human”, “Nothing Funny Bout Peace!”, “Study War No More”, “Get Together”, “We CAN Change the World!”, and the simple and ubiquitous “Imagine”.

The assembly spoke in a single voice as the papers were signed:  Amen.

Selma’s W3 Prompt this week was to “Write a ‘prose poem’ in the form of a news article you wish would come out tomorrow”. Yoko Ono took out ads in the NY Times on John’s birthday for a number of years promoting an end to war, and a few years ago when I was doing my “headline haiku” series on altered pages from the newspaper I used some of them for my art. So it seemed a natural subject to choose for my news story.

…with thanks for words of inspiration to Martha and the Vandellas, The O’Jays, Cat Stevens, Nanci Griffith, Patti Smith, Phil Ochs, Marvin Gaye, Anti-Flag, Nick Lowe, Pete Seeger, The Youngbloods, Crosby Stills and Nash, and John Lennon


    1. The amazing thing is that John and Yoko did imagine, and Yoko continues to do so in the face of all that humans are up against.

      I like the idea of the quote hugging the world–it still does I think.

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  1. Love your art work and the sentiments you express. I would be out there dancing in the streets if such a thing were announced. Sounds like a good prompt too – I’ll check it out.

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  2. Kerfe, your news article made me cry. well, first it made me smile when you mentioned the ‘peace train’ which sent my mind, for a brief second, to that lovely peace train that Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck recorded: People Get Ready. And then the tears came. What glorious piece of news this is. Handmade signs, the slogans (wowed, oh yes) in multiple languages– Oh yes, indeed. That is what it would be like. I’m sure. And you made me want to reach over and hug you. Thank you for this stress-relieving piece of news. I’ve been declaring world peace for a while and so I am over the moon happy that World leaders are speaking my words now, disbanding armies, and destroying ALL weapons. Thank you. This is spectacular news. Glad you wrote this. Blessings. I wish you miracles.

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