Even though paint, tint and grey do not exist in the Oracle tiles, those were words that I kept seeing this morning. After I figured out how to make them, the rest of the words fell into place.

When I was looking for art, I came across the above drawing, misfiled among some old collages. It seemed just right, and I went looking for the right folder, which contains a series of landscapes I did inspired by some landscapes I had seen by Georg Baselitz, which had black lines and spare use of color. The one above is colored pencil on an ink marker drawing I did as one of my original black and white ideas. That uncolored drawing is below.

Later on I painted the landscape without black lines, in gouache (the top landscape). I thought this sequence, backwards, contained the feeling in the Oracle’s words today.

the black-tinted shadow
of sleep
paints an ache
swimming through the whisper
of stilled sunlight

a grey language lies
beneath the early sky

as a raw mist plays
with the bare bones of time
you say less and less

24 thoughts on “extended

    1. Thanks Merril. Yes, swim is one of those words I don’t “see” usually either. Time is very confusing to me these days, and I think all three of our poems are the same feeling in a different layer of time.

      I like the painting too. It’s the last version I did of this landscape, and incorporates feelings from all of the previous ones.

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  1. Every element of this post captures the mood here today. The skeletal nature of what we see in spring juxtaposed with all the life we can hear, it has this out of phase quality that your art and haunting poem hit perfectly. I go walking in a sort of cold-numbed, sleep-deprived dream and get startled awake by color.

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  2. The drawings/paintings are so apt for the poem, yes, in that order from the whisper through to the fading mist. My favourite is the middle one, where you capture time before it starts to fade out again.
    We both had the progress of time, but yours drifts like a dream, ethereal.

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    1. Thanks Aletha. I worked on 3 landscapes this way–hopefully at some point I’ll put it all together in one or two posts. The painting was the last thing I did in this group. But every one is different, although you can mostly tell it’s the same landscape.

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  3. OK, without explanation. The line drawings feel more “real” to me. The third, threatening. The second, a curiosity that invites discovery. We see with emotions it seems, like music.

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