sun moon earth

Laura at dVerse provided lists of word-threesomes to choose from to write a sequence of three poems. Sun, moon, earth jumped out at me and the Oracle seemed the right place to go to construct verse using those three words.

ask the sun
if dusk feels as full
as the dawn

ask the moon
if dark is as deep
as always

ask the earth
if between grows roots
with seedsong

52 thoughts on “sun moon earth

    1. Thanks Robbie.

      These are done with watercolor–I wet the paper on the top one and put color down in a general pattern but let the colors bleed into one another. Then I spatter color on top. That one also has seed stitching at the bottom, with embroidery floss. I don’t remember exactly how I did the bottom one or what photo reference I was using, but it was definitely inspired by something, which I abstracted. It also has paint spattered on top.

      I actually took a lot of drawing courses when I was young, but my painting is all self-taught, just trial and error mostly. I usually use some kind of reference though, even if the end product doesn’t resemble it.

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  1. Beautiful, Kerfe.
    I had thought to consult the Oracle, but ended-up not really. . .because she knew you would. You do know how to get her questions.

    You, Jane, and I all chose sun, moon, earth–of course.
    Love the artwork–especially the bottom image.

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  2. OK, interesting images, interesting poem. Curious, first two, are they combined sun, moon, earth. Kind’a look like that’s possible. And yea, posing questions to the reader, even indirectly, always imparts more energy, more engagement. Good job.

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