I am floating face down in a horizonless body of water.  My eyes are open; I seem to be balanced in the center of a giant labyrinthine sphere.  Like an octopus, or a circular net with ends stretching down, down, beyond all comprehension.  Somehow I can breathe.

All the rootpaths below me are in constant motion.  I dive between, in the unfixed spaces that surround them.  I sense that they are hollow, that they lead somewhere, but I can’t locate the wormhole.  The orb turns, whorling, gathering me into its patterned dance.

I am nowhere in space in time.  I sit thousands of feet above the sea, star-covered, as I swim inside the ocean’s womb.  I don’t understand how to locate myself, how to divide the illusions until they reach zero.  The still point of what is and is not.  There.  Here?  Both.  And…

Merril provided this quote from May Sarton this week for dVerse prosery: “In space in time I sit thousands of feet above the sea” But as she pointed out, my prose is too much like poetry to really be prosery. I had a couple requests to leave the post up anyway, so I decided to put it back up.

31 thoughts on “Bewilderment

  1. I love the capture of the feelings in the words and images. The feeling of floating and yet being tethered, and yet of “not” …. so difficult to capture the liminal and determine the self, trying to answer ageless questions …. and so you venture, diving in. Well done. I felt pulled along and IN …. and I love the images, the mixed media – the stitching is so interesting. Great pairings here. 🙂


  2. There is so much courage is this story. The dive into the unknoeing is amazing.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.



  3. So beautiful and dreamy–actually not dreamy, but like being in a dream where you’re somewhere, then somewhere else–and can move like a ghost through space and time. The artwork is beautiful.

    Technically, for Prosery, you should not have this formatted as a poem (and you’ve tagged it poetry.)

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