keeping time

My message today from the Oracle. I’ve been thinking a lot about time. It gets more confusing every day.

each moment is filled
with more asking

if never comes,
will we find out
where we belong?

in dreams
spirit dances between
language and music–
stars growing wings
inside your heart

The Oracle also seems attuned to the collage book I’ve been working on lately.

16 thoughts on “keeping time

    1. Thanks Jane. I’ve been working on these small collage books on the pages of catalogs I receive in the mail. They seem to require cosmic images. So far I haven’t tired of it–we’ll see how far it goes.


  1. Agreed that the last two lines are especially evocative. And when I think of all those useless catalogs selling us things we can’t afford and really have no use for anyway being repurposed into other worlds and star charts, it warms my heart!

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