My message this morning from the Oracle.

the thousand shadows recall life
slipping through time–
an ache sun-stormed by never

sleep sings about sealight
and the whispering goddesses
of forest-blue moondreams

we swim the music of why
like wind-stilled water
searching for the mothership

15 thoughts on “casting

  1. All three of us had poems about sleep, though I know the closest word I had to sleep was ‘bed’. We both had the whispering goddess too, though I didn’t have either of those words.
    The painting is beautiful. Like a tree-ship.

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    1. Thanks Jane. It’s the first thing I thought of after I finished the poem. I had to search a bit to find it, but I knew I had done it for one of Sue’s prompts. She had the best photos for painting inspiration. The Oracle’s message is very compatible with the original poem I wrote for Sue too.


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