vagabonding, I spin–
adrift on the edges of time,
casting reflections
like an afterthought—

adrift on the edges of a time
that whispers of ladders to the moon,
my chimerical bubbles burst,

casting reflections
steadily westward until
they become an abstraction,

like an afterthought–
carelessly lingering in the dreamless
realm of the rising sun

I’m sure you could calculate it mathematically, but the seemingly random appearances of the moon outside my window is a mystery to me. These were taken at dawn this month from my bedroom window, which faces south–but sometimes it sets outside my kitchen window to the west, and I see it while making coffee. Sometimes I only see it early in the night or in the middle of the night when it wakes me shining through the window. Sometimes it grazes the buildings, sometimes it’s so high in the sky I have to get right against the widow and look up in order to see it.

I like the way that last photo becomes an abstract composition of geometric forms.

Colleen asked us to to write about the view outside our window for Tanka Tuesday. I’ve written in the trimeric form. I’ve also used words from the Random Word Generator.

And here’s a recent sunset from the bedroom as well.

I’m lucky to have lots of sky.

30 thoughts on “conclusions

  1. I know what you mean about the moon being all over the place. I’m seeing it through the slats of the blind out my bedroom window again. Beautiful trimeric. It looks the same as a troiku?

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  2. Me, I like the connection here, seeing out the window you see out of. Odd of me? Don’t know. Remember getting a signed copy of a book, a man I admired, and what mattered wasn’t the autograph but the fact his hand was there on that page, and now, my own. Connection, personal. (one answer to feeling alone) Thanks Kerfe.

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  3. I also liked “casting reflections like an afterthought”–and coincidentally, a photo popped up in my memories yesterday of the early morning moon casting a reflection on the river.
    Lovely words and photos, Kerfe.

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  4. What a great view of the moon! Our house faces east, so I get a great view of the moon rise from upstairs. In the morning, I can look out back (facing west) to see the tissue paper moon hanging in the sky. I must explore this trimeric form. I like the way your words flowed, Kerfe—beautiful and meaningful, as always.

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