thunder owl river acorn fog song

What is thunder?
a rolling skydrum that pauses time

What is an owl?
the heart dreaming inside feathered air

What is a river?
a muscle memory of intense longing

What is an acorn?
the foolish need to open into existence

What is fog?
a spinning echo of crowded evaporation

What is a song?
the radiant imperfection of laughter

The NaPoWriMo prompt for today was to choose one of a list of words, and write a question and answer for each one, based on a series of surrealist questions and answers by poet Paul Celan. My title gives my chosen words, and my answers were inspired by this week’s words from the Random Word Generator.

25 thoughts on “thunder owl river acorn fog song

  1. I just saw that I didn’t comment on this one. I think I got interrupted yesterday.
    It’s such a Kerfe prompt and poem with the questions and answers. I really like how you did. It reminds me of a folk song.
    I agree with Jane about owls. 🙂

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  2. KERFE! Oh, this is gloriously gorgeous and it IS like a song, just like Merril says! What is a song indeed, oh what a beautiful definition!

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    1. Shuku, so nice to see you! Thanks for visiting! I will try to get to you tomorrow, I am so overwhelmed with life, I’m behind on everything. I hope you are well.


      1. Oh Kerfe, please don’t worry about it – I know how life just dumps an entire laundry basket worth of augh sometimes. I’m in the same boat as well! Visit when you can – the poems will always be there. ❤ I'm trying to get my way through, and I know you will as well!

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