a vessel, a spiral, shelter, light 

my heart stands ajar–
you reach out to me
like a bird opening wings,
like a fish reflecting sky—

we have many questions,
all of them complicated—
they seem
to have no doors, only walls

but here is a ship,
clear sailing between sea and air–
the wind carries us in its wake

who is calling?–
unfolding, we leap

The NaPoWriMo prompt for today was to take a poem in a language you don’t know and make a poem from what it reminds you of in your own language. I chose a Japanese poem, and used the title and the first line, below, to compose my poem. The title in English is “The Sky for Stars”; the poet is Yumi Fuzuki. You can read the poem in English here. I actually did capture some of the aspects of Fuzuki’s composition with my own words



16 thoughts on “a vessel, a spiral, shelter, light 

  1. You got a beautiful poem for this prompt.
    I especially like the second and third stanzas–the Kerfe questions that capture what so much of us are feeling, but then the hopeful feel of the ship.

    You watercolor at the end is so gorgeous and serene. I want to be there.

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  2. I love this challenge for the inspiration but also the sheer amount of new poets I discover! I haven’t been following the prompts, but I’m keeping an eye on them through you. 🙂


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