surrounded dazzled

My message this morning from the Oracle. I’ve been having strange and vivid dreams this week.

lost and laughing–
the fool-gods and ghosts
through the open window
of my night

a star smiles
behind cloudchildren dancing

I remember voices like baby’s breath
a secret
listening for the rhythm of skyholes–
time sailing a vast naked dark

23 thoughts on “surrounded dazzled

  1. Here with you on the wild ride of dreams! Can definitely tell Saturn and Pluto have changed places. I really enjoyed getting lost with you in the Oracle’s messages on this one, and in the wormholes of your art.

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  2. An effect of spring? I have been having vivid dreams too. This morning’s was of a huge — really enormous — colorful parrot. It was about to eat another bird, which unaccountably was in my hand with the parrot’s food. But the little bird peeped in fright, and I snatched it away. Strange stuff. No idea what it meant. If we saw a psychiatrist together, think we could get a discount?

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