silk lace

silk lace
madly ungloved
ballooning as if umbrellaed

I spent several fruitless hours attempting the NaPoWriMo prompt of a love sonnet.

So I turned to the Oracle 2 words from this morning and Muri’s Scavenger Hunt nonce poem list, composing a Mouse poem.

The Mouse by Michael “Mouse” Murdoch – a 3 line poem with a title written all in lower case. The title is the same as the first line. L1: 2 single syllable words having the same number of letters per word. L2: 4 syllables in 2 words. L3: 8 syllables in 4 words. No restriction or prohibition of subject or rhyme. BONUS: Just do this one please!

It follows yesterday’s surrealism if nothing else. The illustration is one of my Postcard Fictions from a few years ago.

When I returned, the scene had darkened.  Underneath layers of rain, the curtain was already falling over my head.
The clouds, no longer hidden, now speak for themselves.  We were united under an umbrella of overpowering landscape.
I just stood there, lost, watching it all unfold in front of me.

19 thoughts on “silk lace

  1. When beginning, didn’t expect to like this poem much, but then as I read along word by word, I fell into loving it. Isn’t that how love can arrive? You look up from your hands, there you are.

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