Unnamed, like the Lands Beyond the Horizon

Is who the correct word for an apparition
that comes casting itself into
the shadows of the path you walk?
Long ago you would have labeled it symbolic,

reconfigured the form into
the silhouette of some black bird—most likely crow,
who seemed to have decided to track your movements
with a running commentary,

a voice conjured out of nowhere—you could never
locate them, the ominous o
mens—but remember?—they mean no
thing to you now, it’s all superstition, worthless.

as a guide to life, or really
to anything—still—what is it that follows you,
slithering like a whisper of dark lineage?
You thought you had left it behind.

I’ve attempted an inside out poem, Muri’s own invention, from her April Scavenger Hunt. I like the way it waves.

Off prompt for NaPoWriMo.

18 thoughts on “Unnamed, like the Lands Beyond the Horizon

  1. “Slithering like a whisper of dark lineage” is an incredible line. Also, that fabulous collage: I love how the two pelicans in their nest resemble eyes. Hallucinating is human, for sure.

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