essence roots itself
in a trace of breath—silent,
ephemeral, runed–

essence roots itself
without location, time or

in a trace of breath, silent
universes take
hold, as if infused by clouds—

ephemeral, runed–
needing no gods, no hourglass
to spell out what is

I’ve written a troiku for Muri’s scavenger hunt which comes slant at the NaPoWriMo prompt to “describe something in terms of what it is not”.

29 thoughts on “construed

        1. I hope you post it! One of these days I’ll post the completed sestina from the kick about prompt where I did the first stanza. I’m way behind on separate posts for the kick abouts. And everything else in my life for that matter…

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    1. Troiku is a wonderful form. It has both structure and flexibility. This painting is one of my favorites. Rorschach is especially unpredictable but everything worked in this one.


      1. The Rorschach is such an intricate painting. Those shawled women…
        I had a go at a troiku this morning but it didn’t work out. The third stanza that starts with a long line threw me. I turned it into a trimeric so all the stanzas could be free form..

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        1. Sometimes I just shorten the seven syllable line to five, but in this case I inverted the stanza to make it 7-5-7. But I really like the trimeric too. Often the words determine the best form.


          1. For some reason, I balk at the 5-7-5 syllable structure and prefer an approximate number of syllables per line, but keeping the middle line as the longest. It throws me out when a stanza starts with a long line.
            Yes, it’s always best to let the words decide the form. Shoe-horning doesn’t make a good poem.

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