The Oracle was not cheerful this morning. Not that she’s wrong.

clouds of secrets
hold you prisoner,
haunt like a broken window
devouring the air
with poisoned words–
a dark rhythm ices
the heart of foreverafter
as it decays into never–
ghosts linger,

26 thoughts on “skyfalling

        1. I only do them if I can figure out a way to make them work for me. And I’m usually not exactly on prompt even when I do. Prompts should be guides or inspiration, not straight jackets. (K)


  1. Riding the train you much see the backside of things. All the long broken window eyes that must have once been a good idea. Now I wonder about those forgotten dreams when they were new. Not really sad, just yesterday. (first piece makes me think kalidescope.. is that right word?)

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  2. I find myself very much at home in this one, though I do hope to wander to warmer, brighter spaces soon. I love “a dark rhythm ices the heart of foreverafter.”

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