The Summer of my Childhood

watching clouds
lying in the grass
slow dreaming

are there any four
leafed clovers?

hot dogs kick-the-can

rain falling
no thunder—dance with
sprinkler sky

dragonflies tadpoles

free to roam–
be home for dinner–
alive, full

My childhood between ages five and ten really was idyllic. I don’t think it’s nostalgia. I haven’t spent time in that place for a very long time.

Kind of on prompt for NaPoWriMo.

24 thoughts on “The Summer of my Childhood

  1. This is a variation on my childhood. (Fewer popsicles and sprinklers for me)
    You’ve also reminded me of Edith Cobb’s The Ecology of the Imagination in Childhood. You might feel like you haven’t spent time in that place for a while but it is still in you. It is a vital aspect of your creativity.

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  2. You were lucky to have brothers. With sister (only one ever wanted to go wandering) we used to keep quiet in case there were gangs of boys in the woods, or men with their dogs after rabbits. No bicycles or popsicles for us, and no hot dogs (obviously) but yes, the grass, the clouds overhead and the shapes in them.

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    1. My older brother and his friends would sometimes have “no girls” games. But the street was full of kids and there was always a group to join doing something, even if it was just lying in the grass looking up at the sky. We lived on a dead end street with railroad tracks at the end and fields and a creek on the other side of the tracks. Ideal for wandering. I was very lucky.


  3. Curious. masses-of-green – what meaning/memory does that associate for you. I’ve looked at it big & small, some resemblances, but those are mine, not yours. Unless the meaning is just “green”, which would be fine. Nosey me likes looking closer.

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  4. That top image strikes me as a drone shot of a child’s neighborhood summer playground. I love the snapshots from your growing up between 5 and 10, and many of mine are the same.

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  5. I can relate to this completely! Growing up in rural Indiana, summers were free. We’d leave the house after breakfast and sometimes not resurface until dinner time. We didn’t have watches but we somehow knew when to head home! Thanks for the nudge to spend a few minutes in the way-back machine!

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