“A Question Can’t Be Wrong”

A good question for me is one I keep
thinking about.  I don’t need to make sense
of it.  Serendipity, cosmos, time.
A good question for me is one that meets
in the middle.  One that begets intense
wide journeys, floating deep between the lines.
A good question follows me into sleep.
It rearranges and reframes events,
is more than just the words I can define.
A good question reshuffles how I see.

The NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a poetic review of something that isn’t normally reviewed. I decided to look at some of my book reviews on Goodreads for an idea of how to approach it. The first quote in my review of Kiese Laymon’s book “Long Division” (a book I highly recommend) is what I used for the title of my poem. I’m not sure if if this is a review of asking questions or of questions themselves. But I am always asking them, and of course I have a lot of thoughts about them. I borrowed some of the ideas from the review too.

Even my collage box art is always asking questions and commenting on asking questions.

I’ve written in the form of Muri’s Dizzy poem. The motion is mostly interior, but it’s present, even though not necessarily seen.

22 thoughts on ““A Question Can’t Be Wrong”

  1. A review of the questions – always a good idea as it leads to either more (more pointed) questions or provides a new perspective on the supposed answers! I’m also tickled that your use of the Dizzy was so very effective with this poem. Your use of enjambment is very effective too!

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  2. I live for your book recommendations and this one sounds right up my alley (as usual!) I live for questions too, which always make for the best poems.

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    1. Questions are always good.
      The book has two sides which meet in the middle. The friend who gave me the book told me to start on the high school competition side. But of course I had to reread it after completing the second part. I missed a lot, but in the end the book remains a puzzle. I think about it all the time.

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  3. Only answers can be wrong, but they can also be partially right. Maybe there’s no such thing as a completely right answer, there’s always a ‘but’. The most knotty ones are, as you say, the ones that don’t let us sleep.

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