you forgot
to tell me you loved
me, and I
hended the missing words be
tween the lines, the gaze

held toolong
ingly—the invi
tations (so
benign, off
hand) that failed to penetrate
the walls I hid be

hind, clinging
to an imagin
ary ves
sel that had
long ago left me out of
range—I was not wise

in subtle
ty—only in retro
spective re
gret do I
understand the quandaries of
the roses you did

not give—re
duced now to sparse thorns
bleeding fu
tures that re
main unlived—flashbacks—heart eat
en out with whatifs

Inspired by ee cummings, NaPoWriMo asked us “to also write a love poem, one that names at least one flower, contains one parenthetical statement, and in which at least some lines break in unusual places.” I do those line breaks in shadorma all the time, so that’s the form I chose.

23 thoughts on “afterthoughts

  1. I had been going to say I like this as a poem, and I found the broken words laborious to piece back together. Then I read Lisa’s comment, and she’s right. The breaks do add another very poignant dimension to the poem.

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    1. It was originally written more coherently. But this form does fit the subject. and also the way e e cummings writes, which can get tiresome, but is also sometimes surprisingly effective.


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