the dark shifts into
wakefulness—I open eyes
to the clear calmness
of the moon—she understands
all languages of the night—

how to repattern
the spectered endings into
way stations—a pause
between shadows cast backwards and
those strung with celestial light

Off prompt for NaPoWriMo but on prompt for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday where she asked us to capture a moment in the tanka form.

28 thoughts on “paradigms

    1. I think I just placed it on the painting and photographed it without gluing it down, but I’m not sure–I did it quit awhile ago. Some of my art just exists as photos. It’s not my own hand, it was cut out from something, although I have used my hand in photos at times.

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      1. Women’s cults. Part of their mystery. I’m guessing that the only reason we have a ‘Mary’ cult is because early people couldn’t understand a religion without a female presence/mother up at the top of the hierarchy.

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  1. Ahh those “spectered endings into way stations”! You’re right, we are definitely getting the same messages from the moon. Probably because she knows we’re always listening.

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  2. OK, Jane and Kerfe… I loved the discussion of “Moon cults.” LOL. I always see the sun as masculine, and the moon as feminine. Your art always adds more dimension to your words, Kerfe. Lovely tanka that burst with meaning!

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