sunny April
afternoon, now
cold, shivered, closed

part of the heart
on the edge of
your atmosphere
not weeping but

paused in because
tiny box of
lies and last straws—

hard tuneless chord–
this life in a
wordless, cleft, scarred

I wanted to do Punam’s music prompt earlier this week, but I always have trouble making random song titles sound natural in a poem. I was also intrigued by Sangeetha’s DoReMiDo nonce form on Muri’s April Scavenger Hunt list, but uncertain how to make it work. My solution was to attempt to combine the two.

I did slant the rhymes, but managed to merge both into a somewhat coherent form, incorporating one song title into the middle of each stanza of the poem. This week’s Random Word List also helped out.

For dVerse OLN, hosted by Grace, and NaPoWriMo–two days to go!

This is the music under my embroidery, above.

35 thoughts on “Ossified

    1. Thanks Merril. When I magnified my photo of the embroidery and saw what song I had used (of course! I titled it patterns)–just another case of serendipity. I think we are often paused in because. There’s ellipses in every direction.

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  1. I especially like the word play in the final stanza. Very musical. I didn’t know Punam had a musical prompt going, I’ll have to look.
    Recognised a lot of the random words, because I used them in the several poems I wrote from this set of words. Funny, but they really stuck, ossified, fold, cold, shivered…

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  2. I know what you mean about making random song titles sound natural in a poem, Kerfe, which is why I also picked only two. You did so well to combine two tricky prompts, as well as include slant rhymes and use the Random Word List. The title is perfect for the form and content of your poem, and I love the way your opening stanza starts and ends with a list of three, sandwiching ‘sunny April afternoon’, emphasising the change in the weather. I also love the lines:
    ‘part of the heart
    on the edge of
    your atmosphere
    not weeping but

    paused …’

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  3. That last stanza seems to swallow up air and light – and “cleft” is brilliant. 🎼 So is the stitching on “Patterns”; notes blown off the staff, unlikely to be reordered.

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    1. I did a whole book of this stitching–it’s based on the work of Paul Jenkins. I was trying to create his color layering in stitch. I can’t remember why I used the Paul Simon music though. But it works.

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      1. I feel like you surely mentioned Paul Jenkins before but with my memory, today he counts as a discovery. I could definitely get lost in his colors.

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