almost as if

The Oracle made me work this morning. She had something she wanted to say and it took me awhile to figure it out.

call life the mystery
of knowing nothing

is it necessary to believe
some symbol of always?

how can anyone ask
for more
than to grow within
this real world?

alive is right here–
everything we need

23 thoughts on “almost as if

  1. Good words, good collage. Wonder how that collage has the right to make me happy seeing it – is that right? – but the clear answer is – Yes, it does. I think whatever struggle was for you, it was worthwhile.

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  2. There’s a manifesto in this message that I for one am ready to live by. Also, your tremendous collage made me remember that you love Kehinde Wiley and I saw that the Sean Kelly gallery in New York has a show of his that just opened.

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    1. Thanks Sun–I’ll look for it. I tend to find out about these things when they are about to close. But there’s a lot I want to see right now. I just can’t seem to get myself together to get to any of them…

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