Eat Me

Our relationship with food
is complicated–

calories, allergies,
chemistry, biology

Food never comes to our table
without context—

farm, factory,
consumption, waste

Food once grew itself–
humans gathered—

fruit, tubers,
grain, seeds

Do you know your food?
Haven’t we met?

earth, air,
fire, water

Can you name what it contains?
Read my label.

flavored and colored fruit pieces
treated with sodium sulfite to promote color retention

Can you point me out in a crowd?
Do you recognize me?

carrot, apple
corn, sunflower seed

Eat Me.

I didn’t really understand the NaPoWriMo prompt, but my poem has two parts and the food talks.

It also gave me an opportunity to resurrect some old drawings that prove I once knew how to draw still life. What do you think Aletha?

Can you guess what I made after I drew the second one?

30 thoughts on “Eat Me

  1. How little or how much I liked this pair. A lot, that’s how much. (maybe a silly prompt) (but you did & first rate) Who’d thought I’d like a poem ’bout vegs & fruit. But I do. Good draws, good words. The plate is full.

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  2. I heard a report, asking American kids in fast food places, if they knew what they were eating. Many were horrified to learn that a ‘chicken’ was a live animal once. The ignorance was staggering. So, to answer your very pertinent question, I doubt it.

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    1. Yes, I’m sure it is. People have no idea what they ingest–chemicals, hormones, things that are uncategorizable, but are not what anyone would call food.. But heaven forbid you ask them to take a vaccine.


  3. Such an interesting response, Kerfe. It has become so complicated, and I suspect many do not know what they’re eating. Or they live in areas/situations where they do not have access to fresh fruit and vegetables.
    I like your still life drawings, especially the bowl of fruit.

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    1. Thanks Merril. I actually think very few people read food labels. But I’m always glad of them. There are farmer’s markets all over the city, but they are expensive. I think that’s a problem too. I’m not sure if they take food stamps, but of course the Republicans are taking those away anyhow.

      I want to get back to drawing again. (Time…)

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      1. I think you could grow microgreens if you had a plant light and a heat mat. I’ve been watching a Great Courses series on homesteading and they are very easy to grow and so healthy for you and so much cheaper than if you have to buy them. Question: how close is that community garden you posted pics of awhile back? I would love to see you have a plot there you could visit every day 🙂

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        1. It’s pretty close, but the spaces (of course) are all booked up with a waiting list. I have to say my younger daughter keeps trying to grow vegetables in her apartment. She’s been very successful with herbs, while I have limited success. I think she’s trying peppers again. She plants the seeds from what she eats. She got me a new lemon plant too, after my 30 year old ones got overrun with mealy bugs and died. I’m not sure where I would put any more plants in here though. I have too many already.

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