The Oracle is Abstruse

she says that they are secrets, each to the other

Not only was the Oracle exceptionally cryptic this morning, I was uncertain how to punctuate her message.

how is never?        how is never
like a star,               like a star?
its life is finite

no she said
that cannot be

but who is this voice?     but who is this voice
and why?                          and why
are the words broken?

I wait this one out

as if the night
could bring me
its open secrets

The birdlings are always welcome, day or night.

21 thoughts on “The Oracle is Abstruse

  1. See what I mean about question marks. Mostly they bother me, on two levels at least. But hey, I like your new circle in a square – and – I love your birds around the globe. A lot.

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    1. Thanks Neil. It certainly makes a difference where we put punctuation–perhaps question marks more than most. Of course there are multiple ways of questioning.


    1. The multiple voices must mean something.

      The first word the Oracle gave me today was “wait”. I think that’s a good summary of where I am right now.

      The birdlings always provide a little stability. Thanks Merril.

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