in new translations
love blooms—unclouded, bewinged–
hearts embedded, twined

Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Ekphrastic Challenge was the above painting by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller. Colleen pointed out that it was unlikely the woman in the painting would have been using a cellphone in 1860, the date of this artwork (although that’s what it looks like), and asked us to consider that when we wrote our poem.

18 thoughts on “variations

  1. When I hang out with this a while more, the more sweet it is. Like your line – in new translations / love blooms. (OK, half the poem… so what) Very nice. And that third painting, your landscape is beautiful, the color held with such delight. More than nice. Good work Kerfe.

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    1. Thanks Merril. I was thinking this post is almost more about the art. Sometimes ekphrastic writing works that way. It ‘s true I tend to bend the haiku form–it has a lot of flexibility if you are open to it.

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  2. I agree with you, Kerfe. Ekphrastic poetry is always about the art. Your haiku captured the essence of the painting too. Your art always adds something to your poem. I love the colors in your piece. There is one small circle that reminds me of the circle of love. It’s wonderful!

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