Open the word list; allow the words to
roll around in your mind for awhile.  Pay
attention to the ones that jump out, that
correspond to intuition.  Observe;
listen; rearrange.  Coherence can be
encouraged, but best to follow Her lead.

Colleen asked us to write a syllabic acrostic for Tanka Tuesday from a list which included the word oracle. I have regular conversations with several of Her manifestations. And as Kate recently asked me to clarify what to do with the Random Word Generator (aka Oracle 2) that I post on Sundays, I decided to use my acrostic to give some general instructions. But really there are no rules.

The top collage uses the Collage Box Oracle, which is just a box of words I’ve cut out of various places that I pull out and arrange in a similar fashion to the Magnetic Poetry Oracle (seen in the second collage and here on Saturdays). For my acrostic I’ve used words from this week’s Random Word Generator as inspiration.

Our surroundings are always singing to us–all we need to do sometimes is be still and take the time to listen.

what do we really know?
the emptiness of space
the rhythm of light

47 thoughts on “Oracle

  1. Always be open and ready to listen… and sometimes gift those strings of thoughts into words on paper to share… lovely.

    While I have yet to see any dragonflies yet – I have seen a few ‘darning needles’ 🙂

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      1. Not sure if you’ve got Spotted Lanternflies… but they are back (in our area). Nasty bugs. They don’t bite, but they aren’t good for plants at all.


  2. All of these collages vibrate perfectly with this tanka, but the faces of the triple goddess really hold me in that space. Beautiful.

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