Imagine your rivers calling
to the stars.  Imagine sleeping
beneath a midnight sky dreaming
through the unfiltered crescent moon,

your vessel rocking, lullabied.
Imagine your rivers calling,
echoing songs of vast darkness,
remembrances of ancient seas.

Imagine floating on silence,
the stillness between your heartbeats.
Imagine your rivers calling
you back to beginnings, the womb

of elemental conception–
currents of matter and spirit
inside indefinable light–
imagine your rivers calling.

For dVerse, where Grace has provided the quatern form. You know I like poetry with lines that repeat.

30 thoughts on “Anamnesis

  1. You keep discovering lines whose repeating feels necessary, and grounding. (Can one ground oneself in a river? Yes.) This one evokes John Hiatt for me, too, which is always welcome.

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    1. Thanks Sun. Rivers and John Hiatt will always be linked. The repeated line actually came from the collage box oracle. I kept pulling out rivers over and over. I ended up not using it for the collage I was working on, but I knew it needed to show up somewhere.

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  2. A stunning Quatern, Kerfe. The refrain is perfect: the imperative to imagine made me do just that, and I love the way the rivers are calling throughout. My favourite lines are:
    ‘Imagine floating on silence,
    the stillness between your heartbeats’.

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  3. Imagine your rivers calling – the water has called us since birth…I often wonder do we truly hear the call? The first artwork looks like a tree and mixture of water within the breastbone where the heart resides.

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