Volcano 4

halfwayis never fixed–merging not in a line,but positioned between–too brief to beresolved the madness of fate–consummation and release,sweeping life away Another collage inspired by Elisa Ang’s painting, paired with the Badger and Kick-About poem, above, and my Pure Haiku Volcano contribution which you can read here.

Volcano 3

puzzlingdestinations–the details repeated,magnified, untraveled–living outsidea map random lines break down–the page explodes, caught trembling–from nothing, vast light The Kick-About poem and collage and Oracle 2 Badger above serve as a prelude to my third Volcano offering at Pure Haiku, which you can read here.

Volcano 1

what season is this?dark, enigmatic, grown wild–spilling from our eyes don’t weep–rings encircleus inside life’s limits–we must learn to acceptthe turning ofthe tides Elisa Ang provided the artistic inspiration, above, for my series of volcano poems appearing this week at Pure Haiku. Serendipitously, the Kick-About recently hosted a prompt based on Turner’s painting of Mt. […]