Poem up at The Ekphrastic Review

hallowed be s

My poem “Hallowed Be” is among the responses to Goya’s “El Conjuro” posted today at The Ekphrastic Review.

hallowed be top s

As it’s Draw a Bird Day, I’ve enlisted the newly returned birdlings for my collage response (along with some actual birds and the moon).

hallowed be bottom s

You can see Goya’s painting and read my poem, and all the other responses, here.  My thanks to editor Lorette Luzajic for once again including my work in this bi-weekly challenge

black hole

black hole sun s

the hole keeps digging itself deeper
but there seems to be nothing inside–
the earth has been removed–
is there even air?

there seems to be nothing inside–
no one remembers anything but absence–
is there even air?
no signs or explanation

no one remembers anything but absence,
solid in a way that can only be felt–
no signs or explanation–
we have given it no name

solid in a way that can only be felt,
it has taken everything–
we have given it no name
and yet we keep returning to it

it has taken everything,
trapped us in its invisible poison net–
and yet we keep returning to it
looking for nothing

trapped in its invisible poison net
deeper deeper the blackness grows–
finding nothing,
exposing more of what isn’t

deeper deeper the blackness grows–
the earth has been removed
exposing more of what isn’t–
our holes keeps digging themselves deeper

Anmol at dVerse has us thinking about blackness.


what is lost

searching s

searching magnetic scan s

The birdlings have been lost since my last move.  I didn’t make the connection between the Oracle’s message and finding them yesterday until I started thinking about art to accompany it.

birdling 3s

Reason and bearings are still lost

birdling 2s

but my family and friends are always there

what is lost

tell me to believe
the promise of wings
threaded between star and sky

the language of voices
belonging together

we receive each other as gifts
remembering the dreams
that fill rivers with shared songs

birdling 1s


Who sings in the deepest water in the abandoned lagoon?

the deepest water s

I climb my thoughts of you
into skies that are forever
into air that leaves me gasping

Into a dizzy unconsciousness
that transforms itself endlessly
into not me but someone else

Who has grown wings, who floats
on waves that go through me
and drown me and carry me
everywhere all at once—

Who are you? What is this song
that vibrates through my being
and paints all of my surfaces
with continuous magical surprise?

the deepest water close up 1s

Laura at dVerse is highlighting the questions of poet Pablo Neruda, asking us to take one of the selected lines from his work “The Book of Questions” and make it our own.  My poem (which was inspired partly also by Neruda’s love sonnets) is a reworking of one rejected by The Ekphrastic Review for a piece of artwork by Barbara Danin (which you can see here, or by looking at the poems Jane Dougherty posted for Danin’s painting here).

the deepest water close up 3s

The collage is a combination of Danin and Neruda, one of my favorite poets.


summoning s

songs rising, the path becomes
a spiral intersecting
the surface of forgotten
dreams, the edge of the held breath
which abides in all places,
a luminescence engraved
on the far side of the light

A sevens poem (via Jane Dougherty) for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  Once again, even as I am constrained by what images I find in my collage box, they manage to take me somewhere I would not have found on my own.

summoning close up s

Also linked to OLN on dVerse, hosted by Lillian.