31 xian (Seeking Union)

To open,
join opposites.
Receive what is given.
Let the unexpected pathway

This poem was first posted in 2018, inspired by Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above, and I Ching 31, which appeared in the envelope collage I did based on a linear print by Joan Mitchell.

I read many interpretations of this hexagram, and tried to distill what I thought was its essential message.

Shelter encloses, but it opens, too.

For earthweal, open link weekend.


riddles s

What grows
and fills every corner–
what erases and then measures
the time?

What comes
gushing out of
open veins, cascading–
what removes and then replaces
the cut?

What is
hidden until
it has always been there–
what rearranges memory
as light?

Three American cinquains for Colleen’s #tankaTuesday words, plan and spend.

riddles close up s