on the wings of ghostlight

The one word the Oracle was certain she wanted me to use this morning was coffee.

drink stars in your morning
ask for sky voices to wake
the heart
remember the magic lingering like oceans
on rhythms of never
give time the eye
of breath
listen with flying
sail open the dark hole
of night

We aren’t meant to understand everything.


Migratory Birds/Transference

transference s

Through night and moisture  I listen for an answer–
wild geese go south 
but my heart remains unmoved,
crying in painful glory 
falling through a vast unknown

I feel like writing  and singing
a dark story: 
a blues deeper than the midnight echoes of birds–
Them carrying away  all the heaviness that binds me
on their two white wings 
entangled with the wind–
I don’t know where 
I will send these flying shadows
I don’t know what 
to call the hidden lights
of my soul’s dearest things 
that have retreated into silence 

transference close up blur 2s

A cleave poem for dVerse.  Laura gave us 3 poems in translation, and asked us to use one as inspiration for our own verse.  I chose “Migratory Birds” by Desanka Maksimovi  which is the left hand half, above.  The right hand is my poem, and together they make a third poem.  You can read about cleave poems here.