Poem up at The Ekphrastic Review

benediction s

My poem “Benediction” was among the responses to the painting “El Purgatorio”, by Cristobal Rojas, posted on The Ekphrastic Review last week.  You can see the painting (which inspired the collage above) and read all the poems here.

Thanks to guest editor Janette Schafer for providing the visual inspiration and choosing my work, and to Ekphrastic Review editor Lorette C. Luzajic for her continued support for the interaction between the visual and written arts.

benediction close up 1s

I wrote a few poems for this challenge, as I found Rojas’ painting to be full of questions.  Here’s another one:

benediction close up 2s

On the Edge (of)

The warmth is
sweet, tempting—it calls
on us for
dreams to fill expectations,
push away the void,

the unseen
emptiness behind
the black hole
that follows
waiting, waiting, hungry for
the secrets we hide–

we follow
only ourselves, a
pathway of
regrets, misunderstandings,
lifetimes left behind–

what is out
side is indistinct,
blurred, unknown–
no stars guide
us—just the cries of the lost,
telling us to fly.

benediction close up 3s