she’s come undone (beast by beast)

she's come undone s

she’s unmasking the darkness, beast by beast–
with an unidentifiable cry
the night opens, the wilderness released
and swallowed by ancestral sounds—the sky
burning beyond heat—how to occupy
this landscape?—waves of pure dark animal
power, a language untranslatable–
hells breaking loose on the verge of dying–
recombining, lost, incompatible
with mass or gravity—and so!—flying

My poem wasn’t chosen for The Ekphrastic Review this week–the challenge was an evocative painting by Wladyslaw Podkowinski–so I decided to do a collage and take up Frank’s challenge at dVerse and turn the poem into a dizain.

she's come undone close up s

I am always constrained in my art by what I have in my collage box, which is why the horse is upside-down, and the woman in parts.  My dizain was then colored by the collage, which I completed while re-working the poem.  An ekphrastic conversation.

You can see the original painting and read the chosen responses here.  As always, an interesting array of writing.



destiny 2s

The end arrives without fanfare—no one
scatters ritual words to take back fate.
The dice are rolling, cards drawn—still no one
moves to rearrange the portents—too late
they fail to cohere, fail to integrate
the glimmer in the void with its descent,
the form with its reflected accident.
Maps destroy the future, erase the past
with tangled nows that keel, reorient–
in alloyed flames the dark remains, uncast.

destiny 1s

They were born and taken back, surrounded
by places they could never occupy–
left far behind, callously abandoned,
imprisoned in locations without time–
endless words and rules warped to justify
exclusion—hope withholding tomorrow,
wheels turning over in endless sorrow,
a constant shifting into reversal–
running counterclockwise back to zero–
a journey of relentless rehearsal.

For dVerse open link night, hosted by Linda, two somewhat related dizain poems.  Dizain is the poetic form for July, introduced to us by Rosemary.  I found it a challenge, and have been worrying these words all week.

destiny 2 close up s