focus on the wheel–
bright star calls for the moonshot
embellished with birds

Sanaa at dVerse introduced us to minimalist photography and Glenn A. Buttkus’s site “South Sound Minimalist Photos.” She offered 12 photos to choose to respond to, and I chose the one below.

I couldn’t resist consulting with the collage box oracle, and creating a piece of junk mail art on the back of one of the hundreds of flyers I’ve received in the mail for the NYC primary for mayor. I hope you don’t mind my loose interpretation Glenn!

You can see see more of Glenn’s wonderful photos here.

Galaxy Girl

postcard 9s

Linda at dVerse is looking for surrealistic poetry.  The collage box Oracle is always ready to offer a surreal commentary on life.  But this prompt also made me think of poetry generators–there are so many online now.  I decided to take my poem and plug its words into a few of them.

the world of the future
returns to galaxy girl


ominous city
a rosy red lips returns
by the galaxy


I pretend to return
I feel unidentified
I touch the future
I worry the world
I cry galaxies
I am a girl

and from one I’ve used a lot in the past:

The world walks like a cold galaxy.
Where is the light window?
The dark sidewalk invisibly identifys the girl.
The big window silently desires the galaxy.

There are lots more to try–just type in “poetry generator” and be prepared to eat up a lot of time…

My altered postcard is of the Smithfield St Bridge in Pittsburgh, from a poster by Lantern Press.