the world will offer itself to you to be unmasked (after Kafka)

unmasked s

Out from the black
comes what you don’t know–
it creeps up your back
from far far below.

The path disappears,
surrounds you with sound
that gathers your fears
and swirls them around.

And what you can’t see
appears everywhere–
like skeleton trees
that rattle the air.

Spirits emerge
from under night’s mask–
currents that surge
and greet you unasked.

Nowhere to go
but further inside–
the dark starts to glow–
there’s nowhere to hide.

A little pre-Halloween fun via the dVerse prompt from Amaya for a children’s verse inspired by a quote from Franz Kafka (see title).

unmasked close up s

My older daughter’s favorite fairly tale was “Hansel and Gretel”.  I read her endless versions. Children have always been attracted to the dark.