The Oracle gave me the first two stanzas of this one right away, but I had to work for the last two. I really wanted to use “secrets” but she was having no part of it. There are too many secrets floating around already.

every after walks through
the long dark between

who can we ask
if always becomes lost?

when will these deep paths of why
grow roots that follow light?

beneath nightsongs of a wandering moon
we listen to nothing—ancient and wild

Another old collage done for one of Sue Vincent’s prompts.

Cohen wrote this song in 1992.

what we want

what we want s

going through
is not the same as
being caught–
and we ask
ourselves where we are when we
leave, when we return—

sometimes it’s
as if the sky is
falling, as
if the seas
boil, overflowing, as if
we live in reverse–

we stand here
without direction,
wearing the
masks of our
mistaken identities,
a who without why–

all ways end
and all are filled with
the light tags
us with shadows, as darkness
swallows us inside

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  When I go into my collage box, I have to work with what I’ve got…it’s not always what I’m looking for…

what we want close up 1s

I also went to see the Leonard Cohen show at the Jewish Museum today.

what we want close up 2s