I woke up this morning thinking of Sue Vincent. The words the Oracle gave me reflect that. She must have been in my dream, although all I remember is the ending which had snow and bright yellow dogs.

The art I was drawn to when looking through the archives for something to illustrate the words was also done for Sue’s prompts.

almost like light
this dusky song
a gentle color

of secret sound
murmured by roots and rain

how to follow
through beneath beside

ask the ancient path
to walk with you


My message from the Oracle. The almost-full moon woke me again last night. And at dawn–robin, blue jay, mockingbird, cardinal, mourning dove, crow–they are still here.

birds grow quiet
the spirit wanders
between why
and the ancient moon
that wakes me
shining through this season
of night

I ask dawn for song
as dark becomes light

Another one of my Redon-inspired collages, and some birdlings from the archives.


The Oracle gave me the first two stanzas of this one right away, but I had to work for the last two. I really wanted to use “secrets” but she was having no part of it. There are too many secrets floating around already.

every after walks through
the long dark between

who can we ask
if always becomes lost?

when will these deep paths of why
grow roots that follow light?

beneath nightsongs of a wandering moon
we listen to nothing—ancient and wild

Another old collage done for one of Sue Vincent’s prompts.

Cohen wrote this song in 1992.