windfall s

windfall magnetic

I haven’t had such an effortless message from the Oracle in a long time.  It reminded me of my favorite Sun Volt song, “Windfall”.


And as always, it’s a message I need.  Poetry, lyrics, music, song.

windfall close up s

said time

the storm’s blood is like
wind music

the sky wants us to
light up these rain shadows
with seas of blue stillness

swimming around the moon


From One to the Next (Part 2)

lunation s

She talks to
me but the voice casts
no words, just
spinning the
same sounds over and over
without an ending.

All at once
she disintegrates,
becomes air,
a shadow
overlapping itself with

She seems lost
in a space beyond
she dances,
an untamed ocean dazzling
color into light.

Bjorn has asked us at dVerse to try changing our point of view–I took a poem from 2018 written in first person and became the observer, watching the original narrator and attempting to describe what I saw.  I think I observe situations and animals or landscapes in poems sometimes, but not often actual people, because it definitely felt awkward.  Still, I think I managed to keep the original feeling.

lunation close up s

You can see the first version of this poem here.


black hole

black hole sun s

the hole keeps digging itself deeper
but there seems to be nothing inside–
the earth has been removed–
is there even air?

there seems to be nothing inside–
no one remembers anything but absence–
is there even air?
no signs or explanation

no one remembers anything but absence,
solid in a way that can only be felt–
no signs or explanation–
we have given it no name

solid in a way that can only be felt,
it has taken everything–
we have given it no name
and yet we keep returning to it

it has taken everything,
trapped us in its invisible poison net–
and yet we keep returning to it
looking for nothing

trapped in its invisible poison net
deeper deeper the blackness grows–
finding nothing,
exposing more of what isn’t

deeper deeper the blackness grows–
the earth has been removed
exposing more of what isn’t–
our holes keeps digging themselves deeper

Anmol at dVerse has us thinking about blackness.


what is lost

searching s

searching magnetic scan s

The birdlings have been lost since my last move.  I didn’t make the connection between the Oracle’s message and finding them yesterday until I started thinking about art to accompany it.

birdling 3s

Reason and bearings are still lost

birdling 2s

but my family and friends are always there

what is lost

tell me to believe
the promise of wings
threaded between star and sky

the language of voices
belonging together

we receive each other as gifts
remembering the dreams
that fill rivers with shared songs

birdling 1s