the collision of infinity

My heart was split, and a flower appeared

the stillness rises,
leaving trails, glittering dust,

path, column to sky portal–
what is left behind?

what is left behind
fills the silence, the silver
unmooring the ghosts–

unmooring the ghosts,
the whisperer raises limbs,
phantoms smoldering–

phantoms smoldering
from cracks growing like branches,
brambled, wintering–

brambled wintering,
hard as stone–not casting spells,
she is praying them,

she is praying them,
unshrouding the rapt tempest
as it waits, glowing,

as it waits, glowing
through trajectories of light
into the unknown–

into the unknown,
weeping, she follows, verged—her
eyes are full of birds

Laura at dVerse has challenged us to write mystic poetry for Advent.

Also linking to the earthweal challenge of Advent for Earth.