a toast

a toast comp 2s

we drink
to our fears?–
summoning lost
drowning pain with spirit
voices that echo and join
each other in chorused silence
broken like the bread we wish to share

A nonet for Colleen’s #Tanka Tuesday, inspired by the photo provided by Padre’s Ramblings, above.  The artwork has no direct relation to either the photo or the words, but the wish to merge in our isolation runs parallel to both.

I haven’t been happy with most of the art I’ve done in the past month–I was really having trouble focusing even before the world became so uncertain–but one thing I did to try to get started was just some random drawing.  This is the before and after of one day’s work.  I drew with pencils and then used neocolors dipped in water on top.  I can’t say I’m satisfied, but maybe with some stitching on top…(the solution to many dilemmas I find)