to cleave

to cleave wht s

Must faith be
blind?  Can we not see
the gaps in
all the things
we believe?  How our desires
paint what we know with

what we wish?
Can we still nourish
hope, can we
still see the
magic if we chip off the
layers of shoulds and

musts, if we
ignore the rules and
open all
the doors and
windows?  Can we acknowledge
that we will never

be certain
of what unspoken
forces guide
both our truths
and the other side of them–
where the shadows lie?

to cleave close up s

Amaya at dVerse asks us to consider the smoke and mirrors that surround us as we try figure out what’s really underneath it all.

cleave comp

Both photos were taken under the exact same conditions with different backgrounds–it changes how the camera acts, and as a result, how the light appears in the image.

Context colors everything we see.