dancing tree of life

faster and faster
the wheel spins, gathering all
into one huge dance

This was my submissions for the Kick-About prompt,a short ride in a fast machine“.  Since I was offline at the time, I didn’t get to publish my post for it then.

These pandemic days seem timeless yet I also feel that they are spinning out of control.

May we gather together to give the dance a form that includes a good future for all.


come away

safe passages s

the sounds are shifting
words that grow
wings but also
roots trees full
of birds

except for chords
that travel wavelike
from synapse to synapse
thought into song

is this what makes us
is this the net
that shivers our bones
pulses our fingers
like strings

vibrations calling
to the empty spaces
that swallow us
and make us

safe passages close up s

I was inspired today by Shuku’s post yesterday at The Great Unknown with its wild magical sounds.  Off prompt for NaPoWriMo Day 16.


Also linking to dVerse OLN hosted by Lillian.