I consider windows and boxes

windows and boxes s

I look for keys to unlock what is
lost—searching inside every box—in
every container, in every drawer–

I can’t keep up all these disguises–
lifetimes hidden in vessels of dust,
threadbare remnants of secrets, lead veils–

Each day a new weight–still hauling them
around—I don’t know where they begin,
end, what existence lies underneath–

Time is not what it pretends to be–
the doors are locked, but I can open
every window, tear down the curtains–

Unchecked, the outside pours itself in,
displacing the insides–spilling out


My poem for the Vermeer writing challenge at the Exphrastic Review (“Woman Holding a Balance”, above) was rejected, but I’ve revised it down to 14 lines for Frank’s poetic prompt at dVerse.

windows and boxes close up s

My collage response to Vermeer is a work in progress, but I think this new, shorter, poem is more suited to both the original and what I’ve done so far.  Thanks Frank!