Feed your head they said—what does that
really mean?  How can any time
be larger than now, more extreme
than here, this cosmic habitat?

Microscopic, yet infinite–
reflected, a mirrored convex
lens—adjust, open, refocus
your inner outer space—do you
need to follow white rabbits to
become unbounded—curious?

An espinela poem for Muri’s April Scavenger Hunt with vision as its subject, and following the NaPoWriMo prompt to write a poem that starts with a command. “Feed your head” was, somewhat strangely, the first command that popped into my mind (along with some Jefferson Airplane playing in the background), and fortuitously I had these cut up paintings from the Kick About prompt based on Marie Menken’s film “Lights”, which worked well with the words.

It’s all in context, perspective, how open your senses are to what surrounds you. What you notice. What notices you.

in perpetuity

perpetuity comp

My vision remains unheard,
entangled in my mind–
the only opening
is through my eyes,
extending and gathering
itself in endless
constant revisions

Reflecting winds and seas,
skies and trees,
rocks and roots–
what surrounds has been
invited inside
and dwells without walls

perpetuity eye s

And yet I can’t turn
the inner landscape
into sounds that cohere
to understanding–
it remains unconverted
by categories
or translation

A part of being
that permeates
the center
but does not
present itself
within the constraints
of anything at all

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  I painted the landscape and then tried two different overlays–one of black paper that was cut in a circle and torn, and one a collage of rock photos in my collage box.

perpetuity close up s

I’m not sure which one I like best, but I like the contrast of light and dark.

perpetuity clear s